We have created an intricate algorithm that will assist you in properly assessing the quality of competition in today’s Graded Stakes Races. Also, it’ll assist you in properly assessing a horse’s performance in those races. This algorithm combines key pieces of information from a horse race. And even though there are a plethora of data points that are collected for each race, there are four key areas that really drive the ratings. And they are:

 Key Pieces of information based upon who’s entered into the race (minus scratches of course)

This information leans heavily on several pace factors collected from the running of the race

This Data comes primarily from final time, track variants and beaten lengths of several top contenders
The number of runners who competed in the race

In the end, the algorithm will produce two ratings for each race. First, it produces an actual Grade for each Graded Stakes Race. There (12) levels of grades. And they are as follows:

A++       A+       A       A-       B+      B       B-       C+       C        C-      D       F

Then it will also produce a Performance Figure for the winner of each race. This figure not only measures what the horse did in the race (speed and pace) but it measures what the horse did against who he did it against (class). These key factors are what sets us apart from any other figures out there. And it is these figures that will help put you several levels ahead of the other handicappers.

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